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Indeed is the most effective online source of traffic, applicants and hires for our positions, more than any other service we use.

Richard Fye
Senior Director, People
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Pay per click pricing means you only pay when we deliver results – and you control what you spend. Instead of paying a large amount up-front to post your job, you choose a small amount you are willing to pay each time someone clicks to view your job.

  • Most clicks on Indeed cost between $0.25 - $1.50
  • Spending more per click will help your job get seen more often
  • You can set budgets for each job and your whole campaign
  • Real-time metrics show how Indeed performs for your jobs
  • Adjust your budget or stop your ad anytime
  • No commitments or long term fees

Company Pages

Company Pages are completely free for all companies with jobs on Indeed. Claim your page to unlock employer-only features and attract more qualified applicants to your jobs.

Indeed Apply

It's free for any employer to use Indeed Apply with jobs on Indeed. Check our ATS Integrations page to see if your applicant tracking system supports Indeed Apply or Contact Us for more information.