Indeed Q&A

Sponsoring Your Jobs on Indeed

How is Indeed different from other places where I can promote my company's jobs?

Indeed is the world's leading job site and the top external hiring source for employers in the US. Over half of all job searches in the US start on Indeed. Why? With our search engine, job seekers get access to millions of jobs from all over the web. Employers get targeted candidates for every type of position. Unlike other sites that cost a fixed amount regardless of results, pay per click pricing on Indeed means you only pay when we perform. And you have complete flexibility; there are no contracts or long term commitments.

What are Sponsored Jobs?

Sponsored Jobs are the first jobs people see in Indeed's search results. When someone performs a job search on Indeed, Sponsored Jobs are highlighted in search results to gain maximum visibility with relevant job seekers. Sponsored Jobs maintain their prominent visibility at the top of search results, increasing traffic to your jobs by up to 500%.

Why should I advertise my jobs on Indeed if my company's jobs can be included for free?

Sponsored Jobs on Indeed receive up to 5 times more clicks than organic jobs. While organic, or "free", jobs naturally fall back in search results over time, Sponsored Jobs maintain their superior placement to continue to produce qualified applicants.

How do I sponsor my jobs?

You can sponsor jobs from your website, post a job on Indeed, or if you need help contact us.

How does pay per click advertising work?

Unlike traditional forms of online advertising, Sponsored Jobs on Indeed use a pay per click (PPC) model. With pay per click you only pay when someone clicks to view your job.You decide how much you want to spend and our search technology does the rest, delivering predictable results that meet your cost and budget targets.

How do I know how much I should spend each month?

The budget you set will determine how many people see your jobs and your cost-per-click will determine how you rank against other advertisers in search results. Your ideal budget depends on how many jobs you have, the type of jobs, your location and industry. One of our sales representatives will be glad to look at your needs and make a recommendation.

How many jobs should I sponsor?

We recommend sponsoring all of your jobs to maximize the exposure your employer brand and jobs receive on Indeed. When you sponsor all of your jobs, you can prioritize the most important jobs while maintaining additional exposure for all of your current hiring needs.

Will the jobs I sponsor reach people on other sites?

Yes, Indeed's publisher network includes over 25,000 partner sites consisting of job boards, business information sites, career expert sites, publishers, blogs, and search engines. Our extensive partner network, including sites like,, and, ensures that your jobs reach the largest possible audience of both passive and active job candidates.

Where does someone go after clicking on my job?

After a person clicks on your job in Indeed's search results they are taken directly to that job posting on your site so they can learn more about your company and directly apply through your site. If you don't have a career site, you can post jobs directly to our search engine and receive applicants by email.

How can I measure the results of advertising on Indeed?

Indeed makes it easy for customers to measure every aspect of their recruitment campaign on Indeed. Our Client Services team can help you figure out how to measure results in your environment. We support rigorous hiring metrics because results show that Indeed is the best source for hiring. Independent research from multiple vendors proves that Indeed is the leading external hiring source in the US.

What applicant tracking systems work with Indeed?

Many of our clients use applicant tracking systems to manage online recruiting. For a full list of applicant tracking systems integrated with Indeed, please visit our ATS Integrations page. If you don't have an ATS, Indeed has technology available at no charge that will allow you to track the applicants you receive when advertising on our site.

How do I know where my Sponsored Jobs will appear?

When people search for jobs on Indeed, they enter keywords relevant to their interests and background. Your jobs will be displayed in search results when your job title, description, location and other information relates to the search terms entered. The most relevant job seekers will see your job information.

Indeed Apply and Mobile

Will my jobs show up in mobile search results?

All organic jobs on Indeed are included in mobile search results to reach the large number of mobile job seekers. With Indeed Apply, mobile job seekers can then apply directly from a smartphone using an Indeed Resume. Even if your career website isn't mobile enabled, you can use Indeed Apply to capture interest and applications from mobile job seekers.

How widely used is your mobile app?

Indeed is the #1 mobile job search app in the US and many countries worldwide.

What is Indeed Apply?

Indeed Apply enables you to attract more qualified candidates by simplifying the job application process to a few quick clicks. Job seekers can apply instantly on the web and mobile with a cover letter and resume which is then sent to you through your ATS or email. Learn more.

How do I integrate Indeed Apply with my applicant tracking system?

Check our ATS Integrations page to see if your applicant tracking system supports Indeed Apply. To integrate Indeed Apply with your applicant tracking system, please contact us at 1-800-462-5842 or fill out the Contact Us form.

Employer Branding on Company Pages

What are Company Pages?

Indeed Company Pages include more than 10 million employer reviews. On Company Pages, candidates can see what makes your company a great place to work and hear directly from current and former employees. Just as online reviews influence nearly every purchase decision made by today's consumers, the same is true when researching prospective employers. Candidates who follow your Company Page will also get updates on new content and jobs as they become available, increasing engagement with your talent brand. Claim your Company Page today to tell your story, and encourage employees to add photos and reviews.

Why should I claim my company page?

You can raise the profile of your employment brand by sharing information on your mission, values and workplace. After claiming your page, encourage employees to write reviews and upload photos to attract potential new employees to your jobs. The feedback ratings from reviews will appear with search results on organic and Sponsored Jobs, encouraging job seekers to find out more about your opportunities and culture.

How do I claim my company page?

All companies with jobs on Indeed have a Company Page. To claim and customize your Indeed Company Page, click on the Business Owner? link to get started. Claimed pages appear to job seekers as "Employer Verified." Once you claim your company page, you can customize your profile with a logo, company description, location, industry, links to your website and social profiles, and other relevant information.

Who can edit my company page?

Once you claim your company page, you can customize your profile with a logo, company description, location, industry, links to your website and social profiles, and other relevant information. If you want to claim a company page that has already been claimed by another person, please contact us.

Can I edit content in the reviews or forum sections?

Reviews are open forums and cannot be edited or moderated by the employer. We only remove a review if requested by the review author or if the review, in the sole discretion of Indeed, clearly violates our Content Guidelines. We encourage companies to engage reviewers by posting a comment directly on the review. Asking current and former employees to leave reviews is also an effective way to build a positive presence on Indeed.

What jobs appear on my company page?

Your Company Page will show all of your jobs currently on Indeed.